This is my first blog entry since I started my hike on April 1st, I will sum it all up to this point best I can. 
April fools day, what a memorable start to such a long journey.  It rained and hailed for two days with cold winds, I took the beating and hiked on! Determined or crazy? Shrugs lol.
Then there was the heat waves, Omg was it hot, then came the cool fronts with hurricane force winds, talk about some tough scarey hiking! Yet again I continued to hike on.. later I left the trail for a total for about 12 days due to severe Achilles tendinitis and another type of tendinitis I can’t pronounce lol xoxo ‘ s .  At the point I wonder if I’m insane haha.  But I hit the trail running, so to speak, and was knocking out 20 and 22 mile days and 17 miles.  I amazed myself with that one.  And now I’m relaxing in a hotel letting some blisters heal up, muscles recover and actually being lazy on mothers day.
The following is my summary of long distance hiking on the Pacific crest trail.  She can be a brutal, deceitful little bitch! Hiking is NOT easy! It’s exhausting! Everyday is a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Pain, discomfort and soreness are a given however like a friend once said, suffering is optional.  Stopping and taking days off are essential for a successful and enjoyable hike if you are wounded or hurting.  Even the PCT can be a brutal bitch she’s also very loving. Just when I want to curse her she shows me the most beautiful scenery, lizards or frogs and plants that I’ve ever seen, ya know the stuff dreams are made of.  In my darkest hours she comforts me with warm kisses of sunshine and embraces me with gentle breezes,  and at night she sings you a lullaby till you fall asleep.  Tho I get anxious and excited for my days off in town eating real food, showering and washing clothes etc I find myself thinking of the trail and craving her.  She’s very addicting, a drug that warms my entire being.  She has a way of showing you just how strong you really are and how weak you are, she will humble you and awaken your soul at the same time.  She will take your breathe away with rewards of beauty you can only imagine.  She has already changed me, I can feel it.  Each day I say hello to her and at night a gentle goodnight, it’s definately a bittersweet journey.


6 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. And here you said you aren’t a writer! Nice poetic penmanship πŸ™‚ I can feel the experience and oh what a journey you are taking, one so many can’t even begin to imagine. It’s nice when wisdom teaches us how to listen to and respect our bodies, how to take breaks and heal when necessary, how to enjoy so many things we might take for granted, and most importantly how to focus on the positive and as so many say, a day on the trail is so much better than . . . a day at the office . . . a day . . .

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  2. All I can say is that if is your first, I pray it’s not your last post! Honestly this was one of my favorite posts so far this season! Honestly!


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