Wales Coast Hike

September 2014 I set off for my fall/winter hiking in Wales and Ireland, what a dream come true I thought as I drifted off to sleep on the long flight.  The PCT definitely helped prepare me for this coastal/cliff hike!! In the UK when they say straight up or down they mean it! LOL There are no switchbacks.  The Wales Coast Path took me through some of the most brutal and beautiful trail I’ve ever seen or done.  Majestic views that made me stop to catch my breath and wonder, how do you explain this kind of beauty  to people? Answer: you can’t….  I encountered my own private little beaches/coves, only accessible via the trail, I walked through sheep and cow pastures at that was an experience.  Black face sheep are mischievous and watch and follow you just to make you nervous, tho I did find them quite entertaining.  The cows are nosey and just wanna see what your up to or if you have food for them, did I mention the cows are huge there?  I saw wild mountain goats and miniature ponies.  I witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  I also had to deal with some of the worse storms I’ve ever been hiking in, the rain is brutal and the winds are fierce, so much so that it doesn’t matter what rain gear you have it will find a way to soak you, everywhere! lol (I was prepared for this, so no worries, but it didn’t make it any warmer while in it lol) The trail tested not only my hiking and navigation skills at times, it tested my scrambling abilities and fear of heights often!  I took several side trips to visit historical sites and experience local culture, foods, people….was such a great experience!!! I did a video of the pictures I took, some are of Dublin, Knowth, Newgrange and the battle of the boyne in Ireland, some are of Chester and Bournemouth England and the rest are of my hike.   Will I hike the PCT again? Probably!!


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