50th Birthday

December 5th, 1964 I was born, it was snow storm kind of day. My dad helped my mom into the car to go to the hospital, when he slipped on the ice and shut his ear in the car door! I do believe it was my destiny or birth right to live life, be adventurous and experience the good and the bad.  I wouldn’t change a thing, no regrets! A roller coaster is much more exciting then a merry go round lol.  I’ve traveled the world, served 8 years in the army and raised 3 fabulous children! The only wish I have, is that time would’ve passed a little more slowly.  Some of my greatest memories are when all my kids were at home.  For my birthdays and mothers day they would make me breakfast, bring me wild flowers and help with household chores.  We would snuggle up on the sofa and talk about all kinds of things, watch a favorite t.v show or play music and dance around the house being silly.

I didn’t get to start hiking until 2012, after 2 of the kids were grown and the third was old enuff I could.  I had seen a National Geographic story on the Pacific Crest Trail, I told my family I would hike that trail one day! They laughed and thought I was nuts lol, I probably am but I like me this way and I think they do also.  Before tackling the PCT I thought I should try something else first to see if I had it in me to do such a grand adventure, that’s when I saw the movie “The Way” and knew the camino would be my first experience, The  Camino Frances.  I met several fabulous people from all over the world, shared wine and laughs the whole way (one day I want to hike it again) that’s how I got addicted to long distance hiking!  Just a taste is all it took and I was hooked.  I returned home and started plotting course for the PCT, determined I would accomplish this and on April 1st, 2014 I took my first steps on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and I was in love, even though it was raining that day.  I wasn’t able to finish the whole trail due to foot issues (plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis), the pain was intense! I knew it wasn’t the backpack or weight, I wasn’t carrying much at all and if it was the pack surely my hips and/or back would ache.  I figured it was my shoes, so I switched to a new shoe and it worked, I recovered back home in Texas, then scurried off to hike The Wales Coast Path (Cliff hiking, the entire coastline of Wales), I completed 500 miles of that hike, I ended it early due to severe weather.  However, my gear and my body held up like champs and I was a very happy hiker.  March 2015 (approximate) I plan to hike the PCT again, starting at the beginning, the southern terminus!  I guess you could say this is my official announcement of my intentions for hiking in 2015, lol.  I’m hoping when I finish the PCT that I will be able to continue hiking and do The Grand Enchantment Trail.

I’ve replaced only a few items of gear for the upcoming hiking season, I’m going with a lighter sleeping bag and sleeping pad and for my birthday I bought me a new down coat and a jetboil minimo.  2015 is setting up to be a fantastic year and I’m very excited!

p.s.  Please remember to donate $$ and or volunteer your time with PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association), they do great things for the trail and help keep it going strong 🙂


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