♪♫ All About That Base ♪♫

First entry of 2015, what an amazing year it’s going to be! I’m making another attempt at a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), with a start date of early March.  I will have a definite start date in the next few weeks.  I have had some requests from other hikers to post a little something about my gear choices for this year, so here I am.  We all know it’s about that base weight, and I try hard to keep my pack as light as possible without sacrificing my comfort or safety (warmth and dry).  This year i’ve chosen to use the Thermarest women’s prolite sleeping pad (17oz), I prefer the semi closed cell type (last year i had switched out to a REI women’s air rail (1lb 9 oz0, which i also loved!). Switching pads saved me 7 oz of weight.  Me and the thicker blow up air mattresses have issues, turf wars! I always felt cold sleeping on a air pad and thank goodness there was not a camera recording in my tent at night! I would wake up with the pad beside me or top of me (IDK what all went on in my tent, but it was crazy) so I switched to a lower profile pad.  I sleep good, stay warmer and don’t have dreams i’m falling off a cliff! (that’s a bonus right there).  I’m still carrying my Zpacks 60L Arcblast pack, I love this pack! I was amazed at how well it carried on my back! ( I had major back surgery a few years ago and was worried about using a ultralight pack).  The sleeping bag of choice for 2015 is the 20 degree zpacks (great reviews on this and good feedback from my trail friends who used it) I ordered the Long (cuz i’m 5’7) and wide (i heard the regular size toe box is kinda cramped, and well I like my space to move about), I used the Feathered Friends Egret 20 degree last year and it’s an amazing bag! I just wanted to lighten up a little this year. Switching bags to the zpacks saved me 11 oz of weight. Tent: the winner for 2015 is Zpacks Duplex (A trail Diva loves her palace), I even ordered it in camo..woot lol.  I used the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 (2014 edition) last year and I have nothing but LOVE for the copper spur, it’s bombproof!!! Switching tents saved me 1lb, 8oz’s …

I will be using the Jetboil minimo at 14oz, but I like the little short n squatty pot! Just seems like a good fit for me! My base layers are Minus33 brand, 200 gram merino wool, I prefer these over my icebreakers because they seem to be warmer (tighter knitting I suppose).  Montbell 2015 Frost Smoke Parka, 12 oz, I like the new square box stitching and always warm in their jackets, so i didn’t see a need to switch brands.  Stay with what works, right? yep that’s me… New Balence 910’s are my shoes! Yes they are gortex, but that’s the one that comes in wide and when you have ugly, boney wide feet..these do the job! I tested a pair in Wales (500 miles) and they performed brilliantly! NO BLISTERS and NO Plantar fascitis issues…yay me!!!  I’ve also used the NB 810V3’s and love them, they are best for warm weather hiking tho when you don’t expect snow….

That’s about it for now, I will update when All my gear is packed up and I can get an accurate total base weight.  For now i’m busy working on my resupply boxes, maps (thanks yogi!) and dehydrating my yummy spaghetti (I never get tired of my spaghetti sauce on trail )

Remember to Donate to the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association), to ensure our trails stay wild and beautiful. http://www.pcta.org/

Stay Wild My Friends, Carpe Diem!


4 thoughts on “♪♫ All About That Base ♪♫

  1. In the middle of resupply, too. Are you doing a mixture of mail drops and buy as you go? And why did you decide to leave in early March? Sorry, I’m supposed to be working, so that makes me excessively inquisitive. 🙂

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    • I’m doing a mix of ship and shop 🙂 I chose early March because I find if I can go slow n steady (8 to 12 miles a day) for about 3 weeks I don’t have feet issues and I enjoy it much more 🙂

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  2. Hi — this isn’t hiking-related (although I am a hiker and that’s how I found your blog) but I was wondering if you know the origin of your last name? I’m from a village in England called Irby — am actually going there tomorrow to see my family. It’s on the Wirral peninsula just south of Liverpool. It was named by the Romans, I believe. I live and hike in Southern California now. Coincidence, huh?!


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