The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride of events since my last blog entry, LOL. The last 2 miles into Mt. Laguna were somewhat rough; It was a beautiful warm day which created alot of snow melt. The trail was a muddy, sludgey, slippery mess. Clay and Okie were hiking in front of me and I was somewhat relieved to see them struggling as much as I was, lol, shame on me
; We were all being tossed about, slipping n sliding all over the trail.  We did walk on snow as much as possible because it was easier but not always an option.  The next day I saw the young men who informed they were going home, okie had a bad knee injury and all 3 of us knew why.  I told the boys that my left foot was sore but I thought it was just bruised from the rough terrain.  Then Blondie and Doni came to visit me at the lodge and my day was instantly perfect!! I was like a kid at Disney land, I was so happy to see them again and of course Blondie packs enuff food, wine and goodies for a small army! Lol  That evening ugliest cheerleader, coastal and his brother bipostal rolled into town! Yay what a fun way to end a perfect day! The first thing coastal yells is “pink panther!!!” Lol and in his hand was a tiny bottle of bailey’s irish creme, my favorite!! This man has never met me but knew from facebook that I liked baileys, lol.  And he carried this all the way from the border just for me!!! I almost wanted to cry, his kindness definately touched my heart and flattered me!! We all enjoyed a couple hours together of food and wine, then the men went to their cabins, they were exhausted and ready for well deserved sleep in a bed!! The next morning my girls were gonna head back home, since I already hiked this bit we got into the car and drove to warner springs to retrieve a box I had there, with my medicines in it, duh it was Sunday lol grr .   So we went to eagle rock to play around a bit and have a fun girls photo shoot.  I decided I would stay in warner and wait for my box the next day and would just re hike the bit to idyllwild.  We said our goodbyes which was hard on me, I really love these ladies and so wanted us all to hike together again.  They got all the way home when they realized I left my stove in the car and drove it all the way back to me!!!! Yes I cried!!! I was so grateful and overwhelmed with emotion that they did this so I could have my hot coffee and dinners!!! I got my box from the post office, whew!!! But I noticed my foot was still in quite a bit of pain, I thought wow that’s weird it should feel better by now, I stayed in more night in warner and visited with the locals I had met last year, that was fun too!! Nope foot still in pain so I hitched to idyllwild, I already hiked warner to idyllwild last year and would rest there and then hike out to big bear (cuz I missed that bit last year) 3 days later I put my pack on, ready to tackle san jacinto! ! And bam! There it was, intense pain!!! My left foot couldn’t take the weight at all.  Thanks to halfmile I got to the VA hospital in Loma Linda to get help.  Doc said it’s not broke but the tendon on side of foot was in bad shape,  it’s gonna take at least 2 weeks to heal. She also told me if I hiked on it before that I could separate the tendon from the ankle and then would never hike again! !! Ugh what a heart breaking blow that was.  So now I have to decide what to do, stay or go home! Where to recover at that won’t cost me a small fortune? Decisions!!! I hate this part and it’s a tough one!!! I’m sure the answer and/solution will come to me.  I hope n pray.  So for now I’m on hold. 







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