Gone But Not Forgotten

My hike on the Pacific Crest Trail may be over for this year, but I will be back!  I will never forget the fabulous people I met and  the amazing musical talent I had the privilege of hearing!  I learned that I could co-exist in an environment in the middle of nowhere with people from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and cultural differences, I will never forget them or what I learned from them…forever in my heart and my thoughts.  

I plan on trying again in 2015.  I learned alot about myself that I hope will better prepare me for next time.  I learned to walk slower and tread softly. I learned to dance in the rain and celebrate the cold, hail, snow.  I’m anxious to experience the trail again, to feel the inner peace and euphoria, to observe all her beauty and inhale all her scents.

My next adventure is the Camino Del Norte in Spain.  It is a 500 mile hike and is the oldest (original) pilgrims path in Spain.  Y’all should Google this and read up on it, fascinating stuff! It’s more wilderness and desolate then some of the other caminos, so I will be taking my tent, stove and all necessary equipment. I should be leaving for Spain about mid September 2014.  I won’t be blogging about it but rather I will post pictures and write in my facebook group (tess gone wild, hiking adventures)  I expect to finish this camino about the 3rd week of October at which time I will be going to England to hike the “Southwest Coast Path” this is a 630 mile hike and is the longest path in England.  I expect to complete it before Christmas 2014.  http://www.southwestcoastpath.com/

After my hiking and in between hikes I am taking time to visit some friends and spending Christmas in England.. After which I will go to Ireland and do some short coastal hikes..


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